Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food Aditives

There is a way that seemeth righ unto man but the end is death. Proverbs.

Everytime I hear anyone talking about a great new chemical food I think about this scripture. Here is my phlosophy of health:

  • God created the universe.
  • God is love.
  • God knows everything.
  • Thus, God created for His materpiece (humans) the most nurishing, tasteful food possible.
  • Due to the Fall, we have diseases and some foods may not be as healthy as the originaly were, soooo
  • God gave some basic rules to follow that would keep His people as healthy as possible.

Anything humans do to "improve" this food, takes away from that food and causes problems.

The simplest example is wheat. The wheat grain is one of the best balanced vitamin packs in the world. Not only that, it is simple to prepare to eat. Just crunch it raw or toast it. If you really want to do more (raw is a little hard on my teeth), grind it, add some water, salt and yeast, let it sit for a while and bake it. Hmmm, I think I am making myself hungry!

But let humans get hold of it and "improve" it. We routinely take the germ and bran off the grain, removing more than twenty-five known nutrients. This makes the flour white and fluffy. We then bleach it to make it pure white. Isn't that so much better?


The reason God put those nutriunts in there in the first place is because we need them.

The reason He didn't bleach wheat white is becasue the bleach is a poison (It is one of the chemicals used to give lab rats diabeties so they can find a cure.)

White flour makes people sick. Simple as that.

Another way man messes our food up is to put additives in it. This is usually done to prolong shlef life so the manufactur can make more money, or to increase the flavor or color so you will buy more. I have even heard accusations that they intentionaly use chemicals they know are adictive in order to increase profits.

Here is a list of twelve ingredients to avoid in order to protect your health.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is the month we take to remind ourselves of the possibility of breast cancer and to raise money to find a cure for the disease. I have heard numbers as high as “one in three women will get breast cancer.” I know the overall cancer rates are this high.

So to share the information I have gathered in my studies and hopefully to help some woman out there to avoid ever needing a cure for breast cancer (or other cancers either)…

To Prevent Cancer (especially of the reproductive organs such as breasts, ovaries, uterus)

• Never have an abortion. Women who have abortions after the age of eighteen have a 50% increased risk of cancer of the breasts. Abortions before eighteen raise your risk by 100%. This is because when you get pregnant your body immediately begins to change your breasts to prepare for breastfeeding. It doesn’t know what to do with those changed cells after an abortion so they become cancerous. Miscarriages don’t raise the risk because most miscarriages are caused by inadequate estrogen in the first place which prevents the natural changes from starting. (These numbers were found by a PRO abortion researcher who had lost several relatives to breast cancer. She was floored, to say the least.)
• Never take birth control pills or use any other hormonal birth control (the patch, shot, IUD, etc.). The active ingredients in hormonal birth controls are estrogen and progesterone. Excessive amounts of either (you know, more than God placed in your body naturally) cause the body (and especially the breasts) to begin the changes towards pregnancy but, since there is no baby, the cells become cancerous. Those who have taken birth control (especially after age forty) are at significantly increased risk.
• Have lots of babies. Every baby you give birth to lowers your overall cancer risk by 7%. This is because God designed us to have babies. It is not natural to have the more than 400 periods that modern women have in their lifetime. Periods are what wears a woman’s body out, not pregnancy (of course, a pregnancy when your diet is poor will stress you, but the only reason for an American to have a poor diet is lack of education).
• Breastfeed your babies for as long as possible. Every accumulated year you breastfeed reduces your chance of cancer by 2%. Once again, following God’s design instead of man’s gives you greater health.

Of course add the standard “high fiber, low fat diet plus plenty of exercise” that will reduce your risk of all cancers.

Cancer is not part of God’s original creation. It is the result of the Fall. When we live as close as possible to God’s original design (exercise a lot, eat natural foods, have lots of sex with our spouse and lots of babies feeding them the way God designed) we greatly increase our chances of avoiding many of the diseases of modern society and significantly increase our quality of life.