Dear Freind

There once was a traffic court judge who tried to always be just and honest with his rulings.
One day he looked up from the bench to see his daughter standing before him. Charges of grievous violations were being read. When asked how she pleaded the answer was a quiet, tearful, “guilty.”

What was the judge to do? He had the power to simply dismiss her case, but that would not be right. The law decreed a heavy fine for her crime. Far more, he knew, than she could afford. If he levied the fine, and she couldn't pay she would go to jail. The law said this was justice, but how could he send his own daughter to jail?

After a moment’s thought, he pronounced her guilty, and named the fine. This was what justice demanded.

After his hammer fell, he laid it on his bench, stood up, removed his judicial robe, stepped over to the cashier, opened his wallet and paid her fine himself. This is what love demanded.

God is the judge. You and I are the child standing before Him, condemned, guilty. We are each sentenced to eternal death for our sins. This is justice. God removed His godly robes, stepped up to the cross and paid our debt for us. This is love.

On judgment day each of us will stand before God and present our reason for entrance to heaven. Some will show God their money, their status, beauty or their accomplishments. Others will show their not so bad life (certainly better than the neighbors), their good deeds, even their self-sacrifices.

God will take each reason and examine it. In each of these He will find a flaw (selfishness, pride, insensitivity, etc.) He will sadly shake His head and say "No imperfect reason is permitted. I am sorry. It is not enough" and the holder will be turned away.

But some, when asked for their reason for entrance will hold up a Lamb named Jesus. God will take this Lamb and examine it carefully. He will not find one blemish, not one fault in this Lamb. He will smile and open the door to eternal bliss to presenter.

Please, I beg of you, don't refuse this "Lamb for Sinners Slain," this Lamb without spot or wrinkle. He is the only key to Heavens Gate, the Way, the Truth and the Light. The only way to get to God.

I want to be your neighbor in heaven. I want you there celebrating for ever with me. Please accept Christ today and don't put off accepting Him until later. You never know what tomorrow may bring: a heart attack, aneurysm, a bus with bad breaks. You have no guarantee of tomorrow.

What have you got to lose by accepting Christ into your heart? A life of the pointless pursuit of self-satisfaction? Can "self" ever be satisfied? "Self" is a heavy taskmaster. “Self” is never happy with the present, only seeing what he doesn't have. “Self” is a hard god to serve, and in the end gives nothing in return; at best oblivion (if I am wrong about God). At worst…Hell.

What do you have to gain by accepting Christ into your heart? A life with purpose? A life of fulfillment? Yes, and more. Christ said "My yoke is easy, My burden is light." This God only requires two things: that we love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; and that we love others as much as ourselves. And what is our reward? At worst being fondly remembered when gone. At best…Heaven (The Eternal Party).
Please, ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins today. He is standing right there waiting for you.
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