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Should Providers Refuse to Treat Overweight Pregnant Women?

Should Providers Refuse to Treat Overweight Pregnant Women? - The Unnecesarean -

Ummm, ok so what? These docs are telling their fat women to go homebirth???

A recent study found that there were actually no more complications in fat women than the skinny. The normal perception of greater problems is due to self fulfilling prophecies; the doctor expects problems so he is more likely to induce, continuous monitor, do frequent internal checks, and jump to c-section sooner all of which CAUSE more complications. If the docs would just shut up and sit still, most complications in woman of ALL sizes wouldn't happen in the first place and everyone would be happier.

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New Campaign Outlines C-Section Risks - NY1.com

New Campaign Outlines C-Section Risks - NY1.com

Uhhh, the problem isn't that mom's want the convience of the earlier birth, it's that doctors are so cavalier and even manipulate women into these inductions. It's the doctors doing it!

It s Never a Good Time to Have Kids | Blogs | NCRegister.com

Risky New Vaccine Pushed on Babies |

Risky New Vaccine Pushed on Babies : "time, they’re pushing a dangerous vaccine on babies for a disease you shouldn’t"

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Ron Paul Introduces Bill To Protect Raw Milk Sellers | Health Impact News

Ron Paul Introduces Bill To Protect Raw Milk Sellers Health Impact News

I've written about raw milk before. My research says it is healthier in most cases. This is part of the reason we now own a cow (though the fact that I like cows for pets is also a very big factor). Selling Raw milk is illegal in our state.

You know, not all humans are the same and what is right for one isn't necessarily right for others.

My dad is lactose (milk sugar) intolerent. He can't drink store milk or my cow's raw milk. He can drink lactose-free milk without a problem.

I have a friend (and had a child until she was nearly two) that is milk-protein intollerent. This friend cna't drink store milk without serious tummy troubles but she can drink my cows milk with no problem. My little one couldn't even eat cheese, yougurt, or butter without problems (and since mamma was nursing full time, momma couldn't either!) But she could drink raw wilk without any problems. When we butchered that cow, I had to put her on almond milk until she grew out of her allergy.

Why not just buy raw milk for her? As I said above, it's illegal in my state to sell it.

So the law makers have sentenced my friend and my child to no milk (how do you eat cold cereal?) or inferior milk substitutes.

How exactly is this consistent with our Constitution or with a "free" society?

It's time to take back our food.

An Obstetrician's Hope - The Unnecesarean -

Dear Dr. Hayes,

If you ever get tired of Doctors Without Borders, I know a nice little community here that really needs you!

This article is FULL of important information. This man has done his research and knows what he is talking about.

"The women who are increasingly asking for out of hospital care are doing so because they are informed, intelligent, and empowered women who are concerned about their health and the health of their baby."

"In my experience, no mother cares more about the “birth experience” than they do their baby. It is precisely because they care about their baby and their life that they are making the completely rational decision to avoid a hospital birth at all costs."

"There are many reasons we should encourage home deliveries attended by qualified birth attendants: it’s more comfortable and convenient; it’s less expensive; we should respect patient autonomy. But there is one reason why we cannot ethically avoid it — it is safer. The outcomes, for mothers and babies, are simply better." [Emphisis mine-BettySue]

"I have delivered several hundred VBACs [in homes, not the hospital] in the past several years without incident. In the same time frame, my local hospital has lost at least 3 mothers during or shortly following cesarean deliveries."


If you are or know ANYONE of childbearing age, read this letter!

An Obstetrician's Hope - The Unnecesarean -

Cannabis cure stories keep coming out

Cannabis cure stories keep coming out

OK I don't say a lot about this issue for various reasons, but I do want to give a heads up to those dealing with chronic illness who live (or can vacation) where they can take advantage of this research that it is available and should be checked out.

There is a lot our doctors don't know yet that can help people.

Questions about Prenatal Ultrasound and the Alarming Increase in Autism - by Caroline Rodgers

Questions about Prenatal Ultrasound and the Alarming Increase in Autism - by Caroline Rodgers

This article completely dismisses the vaccine-autism connection. The studies "disproving" this link were flawed and have been discredited. And the vaccine companies promised to not make any more vaccines with thermosil in them but are actually still using their stores of the the old recipes. I think when you have a perfectly normal child who gets their shots and then suddenly is not normal, you MUST conclude the shots did SOMETHING. Now, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Autism has many causes including both vaccines and ultrasounds or a combination of both. Maybe the damage from the ultrasound makes Baby vulnerable to damage from the vaccines. Don't know.

I do know that the vast majority of the time sonograms are done for purely frivolous reasons:

To see what sex the baby is.

To see when he is really due (like that can really be predicted! Babies come within a couple of weeks of their "due date" no matter what "age" the sonogram says they are.)

To make sure everything is OK. Now, ultrasounds don't make the baby healthy; they see if baby is already healthy. If he isn't what do you do about it? You get an abortion is what you do. That didn't cure the baby, it killed him. This is not a compassionate way to treat the handicapped!

To increase bonding with the parents or to reassure them. If parents are left to God's nature, the hormones involved in natural, non-induced birth will insure plenty of bonding. And if baby has a good heartbeat (Doppler's are a type of sonogram with much lower levels of sound and heat, but should still not be used anymore than necessary. My midwife uses it during the first couple of months and during labor but uses a fetascope the rest of the time to limit exposure) or is kicking around he is healthy. That picture doesn't tell you anything new.

The one good thing about sonograms:

Because "everyone" gets them and shares Baby's first picture, younger people have grown up seeing that that "thing" in the womb is a real, live baby. This is why the younger voters are increasingly pro-life.

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“If I were at home, I would have died” — The trouble with extrapolating hospital birth events to homebirth « erin ellis homebirth midwife

“If I were at home, I would have died” — The trouble with extrapolating hospital birth events to homebirth « erin ellis homebirth midwife

Most complications in the hospital are CAUSED by the hospital. Since homebirth is laking the causes, they lack the danger.

"The United States ranks 41st in maternal mortality among nations. That means in 40 other countries, women are less likely to die from pregnancy and birth related causes. The CDC also states that half of the reported deaths were preventable and that death rates are underreported by almost a third. On April 9th the Healthy Mothers Healthy Birth Summit will convene in Washington D.C. to examine the clinical and political issues surrounding maternal death in the United States."

Those countries with safer births than ours all use midwives more often than we do.