Friday, December 11, 2009

Health Insurance

Here is an interesting article arguing that a big part of the problem with health insurance is that we are too rich. Really.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More on healthcare reform

This entire “reform” is really about taking total control of this country for the government. That is, those in office telling us how to live our lives.

Socialism= dictatorship by committee.

What is in that 10,000 pages? I know of some who have actually read it. Here is one example; every parent of a new-born baby will be visited by a social worker to make sure they know what they are doing and taking care of the baby instead of abusing it. How would you like that? A government employee comes into your home without just cause of wrongdoing or a court order, presuming you are guilty of child abuse until you prove you are not. This is a direct violation of our Constitutional Fifth Amendment rights!

Did you know that this all comes back to evolution? If evolution is true, than “right and wrong” are constantly changing. Society decides what is good and evil. Thus, those in office (being smarter and better educated, of course, or survival of the fittest wouldn’t have allowed them to lead), have the right to tell us what is evil (not buying into insurance, having too many babies, homeschooling, preaching from the Bible, witnessing, going to church, saying anything negative about the president….) and what is good (saving the whales, recycling, abortion, euthanasia, …). The things in the Constitution, and especially in the Bill of Rights, only apply to the 18th century and have nothing to do with us.

However, if Creation is true, there is a God who has told us what good and evil is (Thou shalt not kill Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not be selfish. Thou shalt not lie. Thou shalt not be mean. Thou shalt not commit adultery. See Galatians, Ephesians, and Exodus). He is the only One with the right to make those decisions. These standards are universal. Our founding Fathers searched out these universal truths and codified them in the document we call the Constitution with the addition of the first ten amendments we call the Bill of Rights.

Honestly, do you really want to live in a society where the leaders do not believe in absolute right and wrong? Many citizens say they don’t believe in absolute morals, but I bet they would change their tune quick if the government decided their particular group was bad and needed exterminating.

And what is to keep our government from making such a decision? Without the foundation of biblical morals, there are no restraints whatsoever. That is what this whole “healthcare reform” is really about. This group of people think that because they are in charge of the most powerful country in the world they have the right to decide good and evil. Why should they respect private property rights, parental rights or the right to life? There are NO controls; no reason to acknowledge such rights.

Why not kill the handicapped?
Why not steal private property?
Why not lie?
Why not force people to hold the jobs you want them to hold?
Why not force people to marry who you ant them to marry?
Why not force them to live where you want them to live?
Why not remove all foods from the market except the kinds you like or think people should be eating?
Why not keep all the technology to yourself?
Why not let elderly people die?
Why not force women to have abortions? Or even kill their wanted babies if they are inconvenient?

Why not?

What is to stop them?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health care points

An editorial in our local paper recently had the title “It’s time to stop the politics and just get behind Healthcare reform.” This is like saying, “Let’s stop all this playoff nonsense and just give the trophy to MY team.” Healthcare reform IS politics. Some facts:

We already have universal emergency care in America. Don’t believe me? Just go to your local emergency room without your insurance card. It is against the law for them to turn anyone away. The cost is absorbed by taxpayers (through hospital write-offs) and insurance companies (through higher premiums).

We already have non-emergency care available to the poorest of our country through Medicaid. In fact, if the real goal in healthcare reform was a single payer system, all they would have to do is raise the maximum income level for Medicaid by a few percentages a year. In no time everyone would qualify and insurance companies couldn’t possibly compete. No big meetings, no 10,000 page documents. Very simple, really.

“Ahhhh, but this bill will require everyone to buy health insurance thus sharing the costs.” First of all, we already share the costs through our taxes. Secondly, what this bill really does is make it illegal to pay cash. Surprise, surprise, there are some people out there who consider insurance to be one big Ponzi scheme and simply pay for their own expenses out of their own pocket. There are also groups who share each other’s expenses; not as insurance companies (paying before hand to “insure” the bill will be paid) but sharing the bill after it is made. This legislation will force them to buy insurance, thus forcing them to either pay twice for their care or to participate in a program they don’t want to (much like all those who provide their children with private education).

In fact, let’s talk about those “45,000,000 uninsured.” Two-thirds of those are illegal aliens who should be deported, not medicated. Now, I believe whole-heartedly that we should be allowing more LEGAL immigrants into this country. Since we don’t have enough babies, we need the extra workers. However, illegals are, by definition, breaking our laws by being here. They are criminals. Letting them stay is a slap in the face to everyone who has jumped through the hops to come here legally. It has also created an entire slave class who do not have the same rights as everyone else.

That leaves us with only about 15,000,000 uninsured. About half of those don’t have insurance because they are between jobs. As soon as they are reemployed they will be covered again. This is not an issue for healthcare reform, but for economics.

We are down to about 7,000,000 uninsured now. Half of those are in the category mentioned above: those who don’t want insurance.

So, what the politicians are really doing is trashing the best healthcare system on the planet for the benefit of 3,000,000 people. With a population of 350,000,000, that means less than 1%.

Do we have the best system? Surveys here and in other countries show that more Americans are happy with their care than any other country on the planet. People from other countries often come HERE for there care. In fact, all those who are saying Canada is so much better, do not go there for their care, even though travel is very inexpensive. They stay right here, using this supposedly horrible system while griping about it.

The healthcare systems of other countries are about to break them. They are collapsing and, in several countries, they are moving away from single payer systems. They have people dieing from ailments that are simple to treat (such as a dose of penicillin). They are totally messed up in most areas. Why in the world would we want to duplicate this??!!! We need to come up with our own solutions instead of following the fashions of the times. We need to be the leader, not the follower.

There are several possible solutions (if indeed a solution is needed at all).

The one with the most likely chance of passing is vouchers. The government simply sends each legal resident a check to put in a medical savings account. This money can be used to buy insurance or pay medical bills directly. Any money left over at the end of the year, the owner gets to keep. By putting the power back into the people’s hands, we reestablish the free market controls. No longer will the insurance with the biggest kickback for your bosses secretary get your business, but the one that best meets your needs at the cheapest price. No longer will procedures be chosen by what insurance will cover, but by what YOU think you need. No one will even need Medicaid or Medicare anymore. Everyone gets an equal chance at great insurance.

The better, though much less likely solution would be to remove the government from the entire industry.

A little history here: originally insurance was something everyone bought themselves, though only those in certain industries even needed it. During WWII the government froze wages. This presented a real problem, since companies needed to be able raise salaries to keep and attract the best employees. Since they couldn’t offer them money, they began offering them insurance. After a time, the government passed laws that all companies with a certain number of workers HAD TO provide this bennie. Then, because it wasn’t “fair” for the poor to not have it available, they invented the medi’s. They set the price that the medi’s will pay for procedures and the insurance companies follow along. And, as has happened with EVERY industry ANY government has gotten involved in, the price has skyrocketed and the quality has begun to fall.

Now, if you removed Uncle Sam from this equation, companies could pay their people cash instead of insurance if they wanted to and let the individuals decide if they needed insurance or not. And the free market would be able to control prices and quality again. Some businesses would still offer insurance to attract the best workers, but others would find that the higher salary would work better for them.

These solutions solve any problems (and it really is stupid that our insurance is tied to our jobs), and control prices and quality through the free market forces God invented.

Simple, natural solutions.

Unfortunately, they aren’t going to even be considered. Why? Tune next time….

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stem cells

This is a letter I wrote to our editor following a desperate plea to legalize stem cell research:

Ms Gafford is absolutely right that stem cells hold great promise. They have already been used to grow a new tooth, used for blood-forming in transplants for 40 years, to treat leukemia and related bone/blood cancers, to regrow a trachea, and many other things.

However, these stem cells were all collected from consenting adults. The collection process does no harm to the donor (some cells are simply scrapped off the lining of the inside of the nose).

What Ms Gafford fails to mention in her letter is that she wants us to use FETAL stem cells. These are collected from unborn, un-consenting babies and the process kills them. This is human sacrifice to the “god of science.” It is evil. We will not succeed in doing good through evil means.

Other countries have been experimenting on these cells for years. They have come up with exactly ………. NO …….. cures or treatments for anything whatsoever. It doesn’t work.

Even if it did, do we really want to be a nation that gets her health from child sacrifice?

I have a few much better, more promising ideas: 1) Let’s do more work on cord blood and placentas. Though discarded as waste in America, they are used in traditional medicine around the world with startling results and may very well give many advantages while harming absolutely no one. And 2) Let’s put our money into learning how to prevent these diseases. Isn’t that much better than needing to cure them?

Let’s find the causes instead of killing for the cures.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food Aditives

There is a way that seemeth righ unto man but the end is death. Proverbs.

Everytime I hear anyone talking about a great new chemical food I think about this scripture. Here is my phlosophy of health:

  • God created the universe.
  • God is love.
  • God knows everything.
  • Thus, God created for His materpiece (humans) the most nurishing, tasteful food possible.
  • Due to the Fall, we have diseases and some foods may not be as healthy as the originaly were, soooo
  • God gave some basic rules to follow that would keep His people as healthy as possible.

Anything humans do to "improve" this food, takes away from that food and causes problems.

The simplest example is wheat. The wheat grain is one of the best balanced vitamin packs in the world. Not only that, it is simple to prepare to eat. Just crunch it raw or toast it. If you really want to do more (raw is a little hard on my teeth), grind it, add some water, salt and yeast, let it sit for a while and bake it. Hmmm, I think I am making myself hungry!

But let humans get hold of it and "improve" it. We routinely take the germ and bran off the grain, removing more than twenty-five known nutrients. This makes the flour white and fluffy. We then bleach it to make it pure white. Isn't that so much better?


The reason God put those nutriunts in there in the first place is because we need them.

The reason He didn't bleach wheat white is becasue the bleach is a poison (It is one of the chemicals used to give lab rats diabeties so they can find a cure.)

White flour makes people sick. Simple as that.

Another way man messes our food up is to put additives in it. This is usually done to prolong shlef life so the manufactur can make more money, or to increase the flavor or color so you will buy more. I have even heard accusations that they intentionaly use chemicals they know are adictive in order to increase profits.

Here is a list of twelve ingredients to avoid in order to protect your health.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is the month we take to remind ourselves of the possibility of breast cancer and to raise money to find a cure for the disease. I have heard numbers as high as “one in three women will get breast cancer.” I know the overall cancer rates are this high.

So to share the information I have gathered in my studies and hopefully to help some woman out there to avoid ever needing a cure for breast cancer (or other cancers either)…

To Prevent Cancer (especially of the reproductive organs such as breasts, ovaries, uterus)

• Never have an abortion. Women who have abortions after the age of eighteen have a 50% increased risk of cancer of the breasts. Abortions before eighteen raise your risk by 100%. This is because when you get pregnant your body immediately begins to change your breasts to prepare for breastfeeding. It doesn’t know what to do with those changed cells after an abortion so they become cancerous. Miscarriages don’t raise the risk because most miscarriages are caused by inadequate estrogen in the first place which prevents the natural changes from starting. (These numbers were found by a PRO abortion researcher who had lost several relatives to breast cancer. She was floored, to say the least.)
• Never take birth control pills or use any other hormonal birth control (the patch, shot, IUD, etc.). The active ingredients in hormonal birth controls are estrogen and progesterone. Excessive amounts of either (you know, more than God placed in your body naturally) cause the body (and especially the breasts) to begin the changes towards pregnancy but, since there is no baby, the cells become cancerous. Those who have taken birth control (especially after age forty) are at significantly increased risk.
• Have lots of babies. Every baby you give birth to lowers your overall cancer risk by 7%. This is because God designed us to have babies. It is not natural to have the more than 400 periods that modern women have in their lifetime. Periods are what wears a woman’s body out, not pregnancy (of course, a pregnancy when your diet is poor will stress you, but the only reason for an American to have a poor diet is lack of education).
• Breastfeed your babies for as long as possible. Every accumulated year you breastfeed reduces your chance of cancer by 2%. Once again, following God’s design instead of man’s gives you greater health.

Of course add the standard “high fiber, low fat diet plus plenty of exercise” that will reduce your risk of all cancers.

Cancer is not part of God’s original creation. It is the result of the Fall. When we live as close as possible to God’s original design (exercise a lot, eat natural foods, have lots of sex with our spouse and lots of babies feeding them the way God designed) we greatly increase our chances of avoiding many of the diseases of modern society and significantly increase our quality of life.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When is evidence based medicine not…

....Evidence based?
We are all led to believe that doctors do what they do because science tells them it is the safest and best way to go.

The truth is that science is just one factor. Doctors are human and subject to many pressures. They must do what their hospitals tell them, their governing boards (such as AMA or ACOG), what is least likely to loose a lawsuit, what their spouses think is best (such as doing what is necessary to take a vacation when planned), what other patients want done, etc.

An example would be childbirth.

Hospitals often have limits on how long they want a woman to labor. For safety? No. So they can spend less money on each woman. C-sections are faster than normal birth.

The ACOG dictates certain procedures under certain conditions (such as c-sections for ALL breeches, previous c-sections, etc). Because of safety? No. Politics and what is good for business (though they use safety as an excuse. If you check out the actual evidence it is obvious they are not telling the truth.)

Doctors are not sued for doing c-sections. Just for not doing them.

Doctors get paid more for c-sections than for natural births.

Doctors get to be the hero in a c-section. Mom is hero in a natural birth.

Spouses get upset and kids disappointed when their vacations are cancelled or delayed because some woman refuses to go into labor on her expiration date.

Patients want their own doctor for their birth and they don’t want him to be late for their appointments because some other woman won't hurry up and birth.

Simple solution to make everyone happy? Induce, which often causes baby to go into distress necessitating an “emergency” c-section. (I've posted this link before, but it is worth posting again)

There is a good reason most American babies are born Monday –Friday, 9-5.

And why a full ONE THIRD of American babies are born through surgery instead of the way God intended.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Health care

As we come down to the wire on forced health care, remember half of those 48,000,000 without health insurance CAN afford it; they just don't want it!

This system will remove your rights as a citizen to make choices for yourself. It will force anti-abortionists to pay for abortion. I would have denied my father the stints her needed to continue his active enjoyable lifestyle when he had a heart attack. and I could go on.

It is nothing but blatent communisim.

Let your congressman know you don't approve of being high jacked.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What is Natural Family planning?

A woman is only fertile 3-10 days per month. I guarantee that when any birth control method failed, it failed on the days she was fertile. You can't get pregnant when you are not fertile. Period.

The key, then, is to know when you are fertile.

It actually takes more than a sperm and an egg to make a baby. The sperm must get TO the egg. The woman's vagina is high in acid. Acid kills sperm. Also, the cervix is closed tight most of the month. But once per month, the cervix softens and opens up. At the same time, the body produces a clear mucus (about the consistency of a raw egg white), that is alkaline (neutralizes the acid) and is high in glucose (to nourish the sperm). It also has channels for the sperm to swim up.

Then the progesterone that causes you to release an egg also causes your temperature to go up half a degree. If you take your temperature (orally with a digital thermometer works fine) first thing every morning before you get up, drink or eat anything, and record it, you will see this happen. That means you have ovulated. The mucus will stop when you ovulate. It takes a few days for it to all go away and an egg is only viable for three days. So three days after you ovulate, you are no longer fertile.

So, if you want to get pregnant, enjoy your mate's companionship while you have mucus showing up to three days after it stops and your temprature raises. (Note, if you have been using a hormonal means of birth control, it may take a year or more for you to begin to ovulate again.)

If you do not want to get pregnant, avoid intercourse during these days. It is that simple.

· 100% natural.
· No chemicals.
· No side effects.
· It is FREE.
· It increases communication between partners.
· It is instantly reversible.
· It leaves things open for God to work.

How effective is Natural Family Planning?

For achieving pregnancy, I have read about one doctor, (who was a fertility specialist), having a conversion to Catholicism, a religion that forbids chemical or mechanical intervention in fertility even in getting pregnant. After her conversion, she began teaching her patients this method and had far better success than she had had with modern pills and procedures.

For preventing pregnancy; clinical trials have shown it to be as effective as the pill; 98%. In everyday practice, it is as effective as the condom; 89%. This is due to its being instantly reversible, not because of any flaw in the method itself. In other words, no one is getting pregnant while faithfully adhering to the method. They are getting pregnant because they decide to risk a pregnancy during their fertile time.

I have only hit the highlights here. There is a great deal more that can be learned about fertility. For more information, check your local library for "Your Fertility Signals."Or contact the Couple to Couple League

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why have children

1. Children are blessings from God and more blessings are always good.

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalms 127:3

“He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.” Psalms 113:9

“Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” Psalms 127:5

“And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God… Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field. Blessed shall be THE FRUIT OF THY BODY, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine (cows), and the flocks of thy sheep…And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the FRUIT OF THY BODY, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers to give thee… But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee: Cursed shall be THE FRUIT OF THY BODY, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.” Deuteronomy 28 (fruitfulness is a sign of blessing and barrenness is a sign of cursing.)

2. God commanded us to multiply.

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Genesis 1:28 (This command was never rescinded.)

“And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.” Genesis 9:1

“And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.” Genesis 9:7

3. God designed our bodies to have children.

Men with six or more children (who are never overweight) live more than ten years longer than men who have none.

Women who have children have far less rates of cancer and the more children a woman has the lower the cancer rate as well as the slower the aging process.

4. To create an army of God.

Let’s do a little math comparison:
Let’s say we have ten families, one Christian and nine sinner families. Each family has the average number of two children and each child finds someone just like them outside our group to marry. The second generation the score card will look like this: Christians: 2-Heathens:18. The third= Christians: 4-heathens: 36. The fourth= Christians: 8-heathens: 72. The majority of Christian families are loosing 85% of their children to the world and it takes 30 Christians to win one sinner. In the fourth generation we will loose 7 out of 8 of the Christians and not have enough Christians to win anyone.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Let’s redo those numbers assuming the Christian family at the beginning takes God’s Word at face value and assumes children are blessings, the “Be fruitful” command was never removed, and that God really is in control of even biology. Most families like this also believe God tells parents to homeschool (Duet 6:7, Ephesians 6, Duet 11, et al)
Generation one= C: 1 (family) - H: 9. Generation two= C: 7 (the average family before the days of our birth control/death culture had seven children) - H: 18. Generation three= C: 49- H: 36. Generation four= C: 343- H: 72. If we carry it one more generation we have 2401 Christians and 144 heathens. Since homeschool families only loose 4% of their children, we still have 2305 Christian families. Add in the one sinner saved per 30 Christians and we have 2385 Christian families. We are still losing ground, unless…

Unless the higher ratio of Christians saturates the society to the extent that there is a faster conversion rate.

The first group had absolutely no chance of surviving much less winning any one for Christ. The second has a fair shot at it.

Let’s look at our original question: Why have Children?

Should we even be asking this? Shouldn’t we be asking “Why shouldn’t we have (more) children?” The entire idea of us controlling how many children we have stems from the worldly idea that children are curses and burdens and we have a right to be selfish. And this indoctrination is so deep that I can’t even tell you how many people I know how ask God for guidance in every area of their lives… except how many children to have. You suggest they pray about it and they give you a blank look like just began speaking a foreign language.

“Aren’t we supposed to be smart and responsible?”
The Bible tells us not to lean on our own understanding. It tells us to pray about everything. It also tells us God controls the womb.

“I can’t afford it.”
How do you know? I have heard of many who let God give them as many children as He wants to even though they are living in poverty. Many times, God gives the hubby a new, bigger income shortly after this commitment. Other times He miraculously stretches the existing income (for example, someone GAVE us a $1500 vacuum cleaner and someone else GAVE us a 15 passenger van!) but I have never heard of a God fearing couple who honestly trusts Him going hungry.

Let’s put it this way:

Who would know best how many Eternal Souls a couple should bring into this world? God or a human being?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Raw Milk

What is the difference between “raw milk” and what we buy in the store?
Milk you buy in the store has been pasteurized, homogenized and fortified with vitamins D2 and D3.

What is pasteurization?
“Pasteurization” is heating a food product to a high temperature in order to kill all the bacteria. The problem is it destroys the good bacteria and lactic acid (which helps you digest your food and fights bad bacteria) as well. This leaves the very small amount of bad bacteria with no competition for food, allowing it to multiply. All salmonella cases from the last few decades linked to milk have all been from pasteurized milk.
Pasteurization was begun eighty years ago because dairy cows near cities were fed the leftovers from distilleries and city garbage. 65% of these cows had Tuberculoses. These cows were kept on filthy feed lots and milked under unsanitary conditions. I wouldn’t drink unpasteurized milk produced under these conditions either.

Today’s dairies milk under much more sanitary conditions and all cows are tested once per year for tuberculoses. Any cow testing positive is immediately destroyed.

Certified Raw milk is inspected on a daily basis (far more often than normal dairies and the facilities must be almost surgically clean) and tested for pathogens. Bacteria numbers must be lower (10,000 parts per cubic centimeter) even than post-pasteurized milk (25,000 parts per cubic centimeter). Also, often Certified Raw milk is from cows who actually live on pasture instead of feed lots. This is the difference in sanitation between a pigpen and a golf course.

Pasteurization also:
§ Destroys at least 90% of digestive enzymes- especially lactase- leaving anyone who doesn’t produce their own, dairy intolerant. (The test to make sure pasteurizations was successful is to see that there are no digestive enzymes detectable in the milk.) Digestive enzymes are what helps the body assimilate all nutrients.

§ Destroys amino acids lysine and tyrosine which makes proteins less available.

§ Destroys many vitamins including 50% of C, 80% of the B’s, 2/3 of A and D, all of vitamin B12,

§ Destroys 50% of the minerals, including calcium. This destruction of calcium leaves pasteurized milk consumers more susceptible to osteoporosis. It also destroys chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulphur as well as many trace minerals.

§ Destroys the Wulzen factor related to the prevention and treatment of arthritis.

§ Alters the protein making it easier to be allergic.

§ Alters the lactose (literally “milk sugar”) making it more absorbable. This not only adds unneeded sugar but puts stress on the pancreas leading to diabetes.

§ Has been linked to chronic fatigue, and other degenerative diseases.

What is homogenization?
Homogenization is the forcing of milk through microscopic holes, which breaks up the fat molecules into much smaller pieces. This makes the fat stay thoroughly mixed in the milk instead of rising to the top like normal. This produces a prettier product that lasts longer on the store shelf.
Homogenization also:

§ Causes more fat to absorb into the blood. This raises the amount of absorbable calories.

§ Has been linked to increased heart disease because more fat gets into the circulatory system and thus more is able to stick to the arteries.

§ May contribute to cancer. Studies have shown butter to protect against cancer, but homogenized milk does not. No studies have yet been done on un-homogenized milk, but it would stand to reason that milk with unaltered butterfat in it would have the same results as butter. The fact is that homogenized/pasteurized fat particles go rancid faster than natural ones. Rancid fats are a known carcinogen.
What about vitamins D2 and D3?
The vitamin D that we absorb from sunlight is D1. This is the natural kind. D2 and D3 are derived from toxic substances. Now, it is better to have even these types of D than nothing, (Many children today who spend all day in front of TV and the computer and only drink soda get none and Rickets (a vitamin D deficiency disease) is on the rise), but D2 and D3 have been linked to heart disease and are difficult to absorb.

Our dairy cows are all fed hormones (Estrogen) to make them produce more milk. Feedlot beef (most of what you find in stores) is also fed Estrogen in order to make them gain weight faster. Trace amounts of hormones are found in our milk and meat. This…

· May be the cause of so many women having hormone related problems today. Some researchers say the problems are definitely symptoms of estrogen overload.

· May be one cause of our national epidemic of obesity.

· Is doing who knows what to our men!

Also, these animals are routinely fed antibiotics, which also find their way into our food. The unnatural conditions which these animals are raised in causes stress reducing their natural immunities. This reduced immunity combined with overcrowded, mucky living conditions is the perfect environment for spreading disease. Thus the routine antibiotics.

This causes common germs to become immune to antibiotics putting us all at risk of contracting antibiotic resistant strains of disease. An outbreak of salmonella in 1985 in Illinois made 14,000 people sick, killed at least one and was alarmingly genetically resistant to penicillin and tetracycline.

What else?
· Chemicals to suppress odor are added.

· Powdered skim milk is added to 2% and 1% milk. The dehydration process that produces powdered milk oxidizes cholesterol making it harmful to arteries (natural, un-oxidized cholesterol is what makes our cell walls stiff and is necessary to life.) High temperature drying creates compounds that are known carcinogens and glutamic acid which is toxic to the nervous system.

Add to all this the unnatural, high protein diet the cows are fed (in order to increase production). This high protein (soybean) diet has been linked to altered proteins in milk that cause milk allergies and diabetes.

Raw milk has all the things God originally put into milk. It is the most complete of all foods. There is no place in the Bible that calls milk or any milk product anything but a blessing.

When you buy a bottle of raw milk, you will see a layer of cream colored liquid at the top. This is real cream. You can skim it off and use it as cream (in your coffee or ?), whip it with a little sugar or honey for whipped cream, or keep going and it makes butter.

The milk itself can be drunk, made into butter milk, yogurt, kerfir, or many different cheeses (all with or without the cream still in it).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Breast is Best!

Breast milk was designed by God to meet the needs of babies. For thousands of years, this was the only real food available for little ones. The human race has thrived on this early food.

The milk of a mother of a preemie is different in just the right way from the milk of a mother of a full term baby.
Milk from a mother of a newborn is different from the milk of a mother of a six month old.
Milk produced in the winter is higher in fat (to keep the baby warm) while milk produce in the summer is higher in water.

God made breast milk to be just right at just the right time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Should we eat meat?

There are three kinds of vegetarians:
§ Those who believe meat is bad for us.
§ Those who believe it is wrong to kill any animal.
§ Those with honest health reasons to abstain.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Exercise spirit and body

I have recently begun to exercise. We all know our bodies need a certain amount of exercise to be healthy. It is not always an easy thing to do, but it is necessary for our overall health.

But more than just our physical bodies need to be exercised. Our spiritual bodies need exercise also. We exercise our spiritual bodies by reading our Bibles, praying, and gathering for corporate worship.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Pharma and a Cure for Health Care

The primary goal of all businesses is survival. In most cases this produces the most compassionate system; Wal-mart survives because they meet the need of supplying cheap products. Everyone is happy.

What would happen if Wal-mart got a law passed that outlawed all other stores? Would their prices stay so low? No, of course not. If they were the only choice of places to buy food and clothes, they could charge anything they wanted to. Human greed would dictate that to be very high.

Certain rich men of the 1800’s wanted to be richer. Many of them became rich by providing the best service and products at the best prices (Ford). Others, however, became rich by getting rid of the competition.

Pharmaceutical companies recognized their biggest competition to be natural healing methods (herbs, nutrition, elimination of toxins in the environment, chiropractic). They couldn’t buy out all the herb companies because most herbs can be grown in the backyard, or even collected from the wild (i.e. dandelion, the weed in every lawn in the US is a potent detoxifier, diuretic, blood sugar regulator, and vitamin pack. The same with other natural health remedies). Nearly every homemaker had at least a minimal knowledge of these natural remedies. You can’t buy them out.

Pharmaceutical remedies are by nature more expensive. What with all the testing required and everything, they simply can’t beat the cost of natural remedies. (For goodness sakes, you may have a dandelion growing in your yard right this minute!)

So if you have a business and you can’t produce a cheaper nor better product than your competition, how do you make a profit?

Your only course of action is to somehow get the competition eliminated. This is what the Pharmaceuticals have done.

They began with a massive propaganda campaign in the early 1900’s to discredit everything but their products (A note: Pharmaceuticals do produce many products that honestly are better than anything else out there, they just want to control the whole market, not just what they are best at.)

Then they paid for a commission to inspect and grade every medical school in this country, supposedly to see if they were teaching truth or quackery. However, they defined “quackery” as “using natural methods instead of modern drugs and surgeries.” All the schools that taught naturals were forced by public pressure to close their doors.

The Pharmaceuticals then gave money to the borderline schools to start classes in “pill pushing.” Today, one of the biggest donors to medical schools is still the pharmaceutical industry and no medical school teaches anything about herbs, few even offer nutrition and at those it is an elective (optional) course. Your doctor has not been taught anything but pills and surgeries (which require medicines to perform).

Then the Pharmaceuticals sponsored the formation of the AMA (doctor’s union) and the FDA. In addition to standard union behavior, the AMA functions by deciding what is “proper” protocol for a doctor to follow in every case. If a doctor does not follow protocol they can loose their license and will loose any lawsuits brought against them. If they try to practice without a license they will be arrested. So all doctors must follow “protocol,” whether they want to or not, which is set by the AMA which is paid for, (through school donations and direct contributions), by the Pharmaceuticals.

The FDA was set up to “protect” the consumer- supposedly. However, its formation was paid for by Pharmaceuticals and its funding today comes from two sources: government taxes and fees paid by Pharmaceuticals to get products approved. How does the government know what to tell the FDA to do? Why the AMA tells our congressmen what is right, of course.

Add to this, a law was passed, at the insistence of the FDA, that “only medicine and surgeries cure disease.”

So if you claim something cures disease that the FDA has not approved of as a disease-curing medicine, you go to jail for committing fraud. To show how ridicules this is; scurvy is a vitamin c deficiency disease. EVERYONE knows that. However if I own a big orchard and advertise that my oranges will cure scurvy, the FDA can (and will if I am too public and profitable) arrest me for committing fraud and practicing medicine without a license.

Why doesn’t the FDA just recognize that oranges cure scurvy? Because no one has paid for a study to be done to show that they will. Why not? Because you can’t patent oranges and so no one can make a multi-million dollar profit off of selling them.

The final blow to natural methods of healing? All businesses must supply their full time employees with health insurance. All health insurances decide what they will pay for and what they won’t. Who sits on the committees making these decisions? AMA doctors.

So here we are today;
  • our employers must buy us insurance which only allows us to see (big pharmaceutical supported) AMA doctors... 
  • who are taught in schools paid for by big pharmaceutical companies. 
  • If your doctor dares to do anything not approved by the (big pharmaceutical supported) AMA he looses his license and risks jail and bankruptcy. 
  • And your employer can’t pay you enough to pay you own bills because he has to buy (big pharmaceutical supported) AMA governed insurance. 
It is a great big tree whose roots come right back to Big Pharmaceuticals every time.
Let’s take a woman in our church as an example. There is a good chance that a Kinesiologist in Tahoe could have cured her wrist problems with a few sessions of  hand manipulation. But instead of paying her more money, her company has to spend $700-1000 per month to buy her health insurance. So she can’t afford the $200-400 it would cost to go to the Kinesiologist. But the insurance company would pay (I am guessing $5000 or more?) for surgery, so she had surgery.

Now she is having more problems, probably side affects of the surgery. So she will either have to take pain medicine (made by a pharmaceutical company) for the rest of her life or have more surgery (requiring anesthesiology, pain killers, disinfectants, etc all made by Big Pharm.).

Instead of her being well, she is now in chronic pain, possibly for life, while the Pharmaceuticals make thousands of dollars off of her treatments.

Let’s take another example: (I will CAPATILIZE every pharmaceutical profit)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith are going to have a baby. They don’t have a lot of money but his work does provide health insurance (at $1000+or – per month).

They check it out and the insurance won’t pay for a midwife (European countries use midwives for 80% of births and lose half as many moms and a third as many babies by percentage), only a DOCTOR (remember it is Pharmaceutical sponsored, AMA doctors on the committee that decides what gets paid for).

So that is where they go to have their baby.

AMA protocol says the doctor must badger tell her to take many pre-natal TESTS (using Pharmaceutical products). Midwives don’t have any tests done unless they see a real need for them.

Some of the tests come back iffy requiring more TESTS.

If something shows up to likely be wrong, the doctor has been trained to encourage her to ABORT (aborted babies are used by the Pharmaceuticals for testing), never mind the thousands of babies with “definite birth defects” that are born perfectly healthy every year nor the millions of infertile couples who can’t adopt because there just aren’t enough babies, even handicapped ones.

The Smith’s second round of tests are normal, however, so they proceed to the due date.

When they get close to the due date, the doctor talks them into inducing (standard protocol) using PITOCIN (an artificial hormone.)

The induction hurts more than natural labor so she begs for PAIN KILLER.

The painkiller causes labor to slow down so they give her a more powerful drug, CYTOTEC, to push things along.

She gets close to the time limit set by the hospital lawyers for how long a woman can labor without danger of loosing lawsuits so the doctor ups the MEDS.

The baby shows distress (caused by the meds of course) so they rush her to surgery, give her an EPIDURAL, and do a C-SECTION (1/3 of babies in the US are born by c-section).

The baby is born in distress and not breathing (epi drugs slow baby breathing) so they give him STIMULANT DRUGS to get him started. And c-section babies are far more likely to have ASTHMA for the rest of their lives.

He starts breathing and everything is OK but they will put him in NICU for observation (standard protocol for a distressed baby).

Because of the separation this causes, he never really gets the hang of nursing so he is put on FORMULA.

The law requires him to be injected with VITAMIN K and a couple of VACCINES plus have ANTIBIOTICS put in his eyes. The VACCINES are to continue every two months at four SHOTS or more per visit (way way more than Europe requires).

Mom gets an infection from the surgery and needs ANTIBIOTICS to get over it.

Several months later everyone is healthy and mom is so glad they had baby in the hospital because “they saved his life.”

All future babies will be delivered by C-SECTIONS because hospitals won’t allow vaginal births after c-sections anymore due to too many uterine ruptures caused by CYTOTEC.

(For comparison- a couple gets pregnant and comes up with the money for a midwife.

The midwife only orders those tests she feels are necessary for this couple; all of them for some and none for others (most).

They wait until mommy’s body goes into labor by itself, stay home where infections are less likely, use natural methods of pain relief (such as showers, tubs, different positions, etc.), and deliver the baby without instruments of any kind except a midwives or hubby’s clean hands.

Baby is put to the breast immediately, making breast feeding much more likely to succeed as well as releasing all natural hormones in the mommy that prevent excessive bleeding.

Because the birth is so much gentler, there are no tears.

The midwife makes sure the parents know they have the right to refuse any vaccines they want to and since this is a monogamous couple, they don’t bother with the anti-biotic in the eyes (to prevent blindness due to venereal disease).

They watch baby very closely to make sure he doesn’t need the Vit K shot instead of giving it to him no matter what.

In all, this type of birth may actually bring no money whatsoever to Big Pharmaceuticals. It will almost assuredly bring far less than the norm.)


Socialization- This would complete the monopoly. All decisions would be made, directly or indirectly, by the Pharmaceutical industry. Natural remedies and actual cures will NOT be allowed as they bring no profit. The only way to counter this would be to have the government take control of the whole industry.

Government control removes the profit incentive to keep prices down so we would eventually be in worse condition than we are now. Eventually some alternative practitioners, such as midwives, might be allowed because they are cheaper and often more effective, but they would be under the thumb of the AMA.

Outlaw insurance- Businesses could give that extra money to their employees (and would have to or risk losing them to businesses that do). The employees could take that money to midwives, herbalists, chiropractors, naturopaths, reflexologies, etc. to get the treatment they need. In some cases they could simply plant their own garden to grow their own “medicine” (dandelion, purple cone flower, plantain, garlic, alfalfa, oat straw, etc.)

Big medicine could no longer make obscene profits. They would have to lower their prices.

The AMA would have to allow a wider protocol or their doctors would go out of business.

Hospitals would have to charge less and relax their rules or lose customers to “sanitariums,” (alternate places of healing focusing on more natural methods.)

Change the laws regarding drug approval- definitely needed, though this is a hard one to accomplish. It should not be illegal to tell someone an orange a day would cure scurvy.

Put caps on law suits- again, needed. A big reason for many of the laws and polices in the medical industry is fear of bankrupting lawsuits. Many good doctors would fight the status quo if they could afford to take the chance.

Encourage people to save money to pay for their own health care- This can be accomplished by providing tax-free medical savings accounts. Individuals can save money for a “rainy day.” If we allow employers to contribute to these accounts instead of buying insurance, we begin to wean ourselves off of insurance dependence.

If we allow a certain amount to be withdrawn tax-free after a certain amount of time (say, the amount you save for one year), we encourage people to be frugal and find the best deals with their healthcare and we reward them for being healthy.

In short;
  • get rid of the pharmaceutical monopoly and you get rid of the price gouging. 
  • Follow that with lawsuit caps, lowering malpractice insurance costs. 
  • Everyone could afford to pay their own bills again, especially if they could save the money to do so tax-free.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Effects of the Birth Control Culture

You might be surprised how much affect the pill has had.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sore Throats

Due to a recent illness in the children, I got to thinking it might be fun to post my favorite sore throat remedies. (Except where noted, these remedies are good for anyone and are actually classified as “food.” Thus, you can’t take too much anymore than you could eat too much spinach.)

1) Get a drink of water. When you are dehydrated your throat will sometimes hurt. Try it, anyway.

2) Massage the throat- Begin at the bottom of the ears and slowly and gently rub your own neck at the base of the jaw line towards the middle. It really helps! Lasts twenty minutes or so. (Be VERY gentle doing this to someone else, especially a child. You can do damage)

3) Sore Throat Tea- (Use flavors to taste)
     a. 1 cup warm water
     b. 1 (+ or -) Tablespoon lemon juice (vitamin C will fight the infection and the acid will kill germs)
     c. 1 (+ or -) honey (honey is anti-bacterial as well as a soother)
     d. 1/2 or so teaspoon ginger or cinnamon (optional). Anti inflammatory, anti microbial.
4) Herbal “up the anti”- Replace the water with an infusion (tea) made of:
     a. Echinacea (immune booster. Take a break from it every 6 weeks or so)
     b. Yarrow (all around invader fighter. Use only for short term.)
     c. Lemon grass (immune booster)
     d. Rose petals (and/or hips) (high vit C plus astringent to kill bacteria)
     e. Wild cherry bark (tastes good and soothes)

5) “Taste? Who cares about taste? I’m sick!” (I very seldom have to go this far. Add one or more to the above infusion)
     a. Elderberry (fruity tasting immune booster. I sometimes use it at the above level.
     b. Licorice (good bug fighter, but my kids hate the taste. Don’t use if you have a heart problem)
     c. Cinnamon (all around bug fighter as well as blood sugar balancer)
     d. Cayenne pepper (makes all other herbs work better, bug fighter, metabolism speeder, and high in C)
     e. Cloves (bug fighter)
     f. Thyme (bug fighter)
     g. Garlic (the pre-antibiotic antibiotic. It was used on wounds from the battlefield in World War I. It will kill all but the worst germs, sometimes better than modern antibiotics)

How to make an infusion:

Pour one cup of boiling water onto your herbs (one teaspoon each. Add more water if you are doing a lot of herbs).

Let steep covered for ten minutes to an hour (the longer it steeps the more powerful the medicine but the more bitter the taste).

Strain out the herbs, sweeten (preferably with honey. Alternately, put a teaspoon or so of Stevia in the herbs before steeping) to taste.