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Breastfeeding Links

Breastfeeding is Offensive

Some women choose to bottle feed their babies so they can get more sleep. This report tells us a recent study shows they simply don't.
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The Well-Rounded Mama: Breastfeeding Lowers the Risk for Diabetes And Other Maternal Disease Later In Life

Baby Public Breastfeeding Naysayers: Your Guide On How to Deal With the Sight of a Baby Eating

A guide to getting off on the right foot when breastfeeding. If you have ANY problems, contact me or get in touch with LaLeche League. BREAST IS BEST! God knows better than scientists what a baby needs to eat.

Hey Mom! How Breastfeeding Benefits Mothers' Health

Anna refutes a rabbi's uninformed ideas about breastfeeding
Domestic Felicity: Does breastfeeding ruin marriages?

More from Anna on yesterday's subject of breastfeeding and marriage.

At these rates, I should live forever,LOL.
How Breastfeeding Benefits Mothers' Health: Scientific American

I "nursed" my oldest for a very short time and my second for six months. All my others have nursed for close to or more than a year. Some one near by who knew what was going on could have helped me to nurse my oldest for longer, but there was no one available. I couldn't go looking for help because my grandma was in thehospital dying at that moment. I just didn't have the emotional reserves to deal with hunting for help. My mom had similar problems and only nursed my brother and I for a very short time, also.

Do I regret putting her on the bottle? No. Don't get me wrong, I wish I could have continued to breastfeed. But I know that under the same circumstances with the same resources and knowledge, I would make the same choice today.

But I don't have the same resources and knowledge today. When my youngest (of 8) was a newbie we had some definit problems (she was "toungue-tied" OUCH!), but this time I had a ready knowledge base, a shelf full of reference books, and a midwife who knew and cared about our nursing experience. I had to tough it out for a few days, but I nursed her until after her first birthday.

My goal to to make that bank of information available to all women so fewer will find themselves in the same boat was in with my first.

(Oh and having done both bottle and nursing, I can tell you that nursing is WAY easier, erasing any possible benifits from having others help you feed baby, unless you work full time which is a whole different story.)

Watch Your Language- How we speak affects how we think.

Great article. I haven't read the rest of the site, but enjoyed this account of a Canadian woman breastfeeding in Mongolia.

God designed the breast for two purposes: keeping our hubbies’ attention and feeding our babies. Most of don’t need help with the first;-) The second, thanks to several generations of artificial breastmilk (formula) babies, is a little more difficult. Most of us never saw anyone breastfeed before we had our own babies and didn’t know you must hold the child different and do different things to breastfeed than to bottlefeed. It really is a learned skill, for both mom and baby.

My e-friend, Anna, has posted this list of things to help breastfeeding be successful. Enjoy:-)

101 Reasons to breastfeed.
Neat video, though you need to read fast.

Love It!
"There are three reasons for breastfeeding: the milk is always at the right temperature; it comes in attractive containers; and the cat can't get it."
— Irena Chalmers

Public Perceptions of Breastfeeding
I agree whole heartedly! - Not breastfeeding makes the body think Baby has died.

Be carful who you pick on!

It’s not about picking on moms, it’s about breaking down societal barriers PhD in Parenting

Birth Control- Pill Links

The sterile life's results

Yes! Exactly!
Blessings, But…

" If this were the cigarette industry the outrage would be resounding. The contraceptive mentality is so profound in the medical field that it seems that the health of a woman is unimportant so long as [we keep her from having babies]."

EVERY woman should read this! Where are those people who say they campaign for women?!?!?
Surgeon: birth control pill a ‘molotov cocktail’ for breast cancer

We Don’t Love Children, We Love Drywall

What about birth control? Why do people who say they believe the Bible and live for God have the same view of birth control and the same number of children as Atheists? Should it be that way?

The Pill: Making Motherhood “Better”?

A Hard Pill to Swallow: The journey from Pill user to NFP

Lately I've been doing a lot of reading about the ethics of birth control, family size, what the Bible has to say about children, and what the various positions on this are of people from different denominational and experiential backgrounds. This whole issue of Christians, birth control, and having a marriage that's open to children is being examined by people all over the Internet. Some of the more noteworthy articles:”

Sex then and Now, Before the Pill and After.

Church decline of another kind Faith and Leadership

Yep, this says it all right.
How 'the pill' led to societal infantilism

Love this article by Generation Cedar. It really puts our birth control mentality into perspective and can just as easily be applied to hospital births, public schools, government healthcare, and not serving God (all unnatural).

Have you ever noticed that those who are the angriest about my having children because of what it does to the environment are those who are living the highest standard of living? I just might give an enviro-theist the time of day if they were living totally without electricity, gas, plastic, etc. When they can live that way, we'll discuss babies.

The fact is that all this "limit babies" talk is about letting them live high on the hog.

Good article

Telling the Truth About Birth Control
What they are not telling you when they give you a pill, patch or shot may kill you.

Its all about the money

Are we dying to have small families?

Children….Blessings but….

If you take The Pill, you are at increased risk of cancer, especially breast cancer.

It physically causes a fertilized egg to not implant. A baby dies for lack of nourishment.

“Abstinence isn't the answer (to abortion)- and neither is birth control”

“Some Subtle Effects of the Birth Control Culture.” You might be surprised how much affect the pill has had.

“Is Birth Control the Church's Business?” How could the creation of eternal souls NOT be the church’s business?

That’s what I am saying…
“I've always found it interesting that women who do not generally practice birth control are the ones put in a class; "those people"..."those QF (quiverful) people". I find that odd. Women whose bodies are doing what they were created to do have to explain why they aren't taking a synthetic drug that alters its normal function? Does this not seem odd?...

Imagine a person walking up to you at the store and saying, "Oh my goodness! You're having s*x with your husband just for pleasure? You are purposely preventing conception? Only two children? Do you not want any more?"

How offensive! But... can I say this gently...that is more accurate than what so many who know the sting of being questioned about a larger than normal family is….

For centuries, couples have been pretty much having children every few years. Yeah people avoided certain times of the month, I'm sure, but the whole concept of just using birth control to stop after a child or two has been completely FOREIGN to the world until around the 1960's. So why is that group now the normal group, and the other group is "cultish" and weird?”

For the rest of the article…

Having said this, I don’t mind questions such as “are they all yours.” I find most people really want to tell me about their families. Now “Are you going to have more?” depends on who is asking. I have had that question from those who really wanted to know, maybe considering the issue in their own lives. I don’t mind them at all. Those with a condemning tone of voice though…

Another post on birth control.

This article makes the observation that most birth control methods are made for the woman’s use and have mild to fatal complications (the pill causes breast cancer and heart disease. Abortion causes both also. IUD can cause the above plus uterine abruption). None of the men’s birth control methods have side effects. This is equality???? Doesn’t this just allow men to use women for their own entertainment?

In no other area do healthy women have surgeries and take pills. Children are evidently a disease. What ever happened to children being the blessing God says they are?

What is the purpose of birth control (including abortion)? For 99.99% of the time the purpose is to allow women to screw around without consequences and men to use any one they want without leaving troublesome “evidence” (the kind that needs its diaper changed occasionally).

I think sex (which was God’s idea by the way) is too wonderful and beautiful and (ok, I’ll say it) fun to degrade it this way. It is not just cheap entertainment. It is a symbol of God’s relationship with the church; of how close He wants to be to His bride. And just like that spiritual relationship, sex should be open to fruitfulness. It should be reserved for just the one special person God has given you. Sex is God’s wedding gift to you. Enjoy it!

More and more Christians are reconsidering the whole birth control attitude of our country. Here is one discussion.

A set of links about Birth control from LAF
Appetites for big houses growing while families are shrinking.

Basically what this boils down to is your definition of abortion. Most doctors are taught that an abortion is a procedure done AFTER the embryo implants in the uterus. Thus, anything that causes the embryo to not implant is not an Abortifacient. Most conservative Christians believe that life begins at conception (three to ten days before implantation) and so anything that prevents implantation IS an Abortifacient.

The pill prevents ovulation 65% of the time. This means that no egg is ripened and released so no baby is possible.

30% of the time the pill makes the woman’s body hostile to sperm so none live long enough to fertilize the egg that is released. Again, no baby.

1% of the time an egg is fertilized and implants causing a pregnancy.

This leaves 4% unaccounted for. Read the package insert in pills. 4% of the time they make the uterus inhospitable to a fertilized embryo (Baby). The new life can’t implant and “passes into the hands of the Lord” to borrow the way an e-friend words it.

All hormonal controls function in the same way, just with different numbers.

Don’t take my words for it. Read this article. Pray. Research. This is too important of an issue to leave in the hands of others.

(Just to be completely truthful, I used the pill myself for four years. I was taught in sex ed that the pill simply keeps you from ovulating so there was no moral question about it. I quit after four years because I knew there was a link between blood clots and the pill if you use it longer.

Since then I have not only learned of the abortion/pill link, but as posted earlier, the breast cancer/pill and heart disease/pill links.

I have also come to question our society’s whole attitude towards children and birth control (I am not saying all birth control is wrong, but that is another post:-) to quote another e-friend;

“The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing yet we apply for the curse and take drugs and have surgeries to prevent the blessings.”

“A new study from the Mayo Clinic has concluded that there is ‘a measurable and statistically significant’ connection between the pill and pre-menopausal breast cancer,”

Makes since. If God wanted us to have extra hormones in our system, He would have put them their.

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 14:12 and Proverbs 16:25

I am more and more convinced that the more we get away from how God originally made things the worse things become. This is just one example. We invented a little pill you can take so you can still have sex and not “risk” the curse of children. The result- you have a greater chance of breast cancer. Refuse life, you get death.

The sad thing is that God has provided a way to control the spacing of pregnancy without chemicals and devices and surgeries. It is based on the idea that you can’t get pregnant if you are not fertile and women are only fertile three to ten days per month. (My article)

But this requires self control, communication and doesn’t bring any money into anyone’s pocket like pills and procedures do. So no one talks about it. The sad thing is, they aren’t talking about this newly discovered breast cancer risk either.

An article about chemical pollution and the pill. Interesting.

So, sexless fish.

See also "Quiverfull"

How “The Pill” Can Harm Your Future Child’s Health — The Healthy Home Economist

Eleven Theses on Birth Control Doug Wilson

This is for my files. Interesting thoughts.

Poisoned by the Pill: Truths about Chemical Contraception Catholic Exchange

What about birth control? Why do people who say they believe the Bible and live for God have the same view of birth control and the same number of children as Atheists? Should it be that way?

How does the pill really work?

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Abortion Links

In order to make some of my research easier I am moving some old links all into one post. I will be doing this with some other subjects also. Abortion is just first alphabetically:-)

Abortion Breast Cancer Link Ignored

Abortion and Pill connection

A Hard Pill to Swallow: The journey from Pill user to NFP

Lately I've been doing a lot of reading about the ethics of birth control, family size, what the Bible has to say about children, and what the various positions on this are of people from different denominational and experiential backgrounds. This whole issue of Christians, birth control, and having a marriage that's open to children is being examined by people all over the Internet. Some of the more noteworthy articles:”

If the right to life is not absolute, than neither is any other right.

That grisly Philly butcher.

The Silence That Keeps Me Awake : Truth Observed
"In essence, this is what Gosnell is saying to us:
“What is the magical difference between a baby at 24 weeks and 25 weeks?”
“What is the magical difference between aborting a baby in the womb or out of the womb?”
“What is so magical about the one second that separates them from “fetus” and “baby” that I can’t kill them on either side of that line?”
“It certainly is a lot easier.”"

Good questions. Why is it evil for this man to have cut the spinal columns of of a baby when it was OK for him to rip their legs and arms and heads off 10 minutes earlier? This simply doesn't make sense.

We as a society need to decide if human life is valuable or not. If it isn't, not only is abortion OK but so is murder and slavery. If Life is valuable, abortion at any time after conception must end.

It's the only logical answer.

Abortion: The Lie That Keeps on Hurting : Truth Observed
Unsafe, Legal, and Not So Rare

Personhood USA: We've killed over 8 times as many humans as Hitler killed Jews. The Jewish holocaust pales in comparison!

Antidote to abortion arguments
Powerful Story of a Woman Who was Aborted - but Survived Changing words doesn't change facts

Attack on anti-abortion display. Imagine the outrage if this attack had been on a pro-choice display.

Court blocks parents' forced abortion

New York City Council warns: "No 'licensed medical provider' slaughters babies here..."
Isn't this kind of like making Target post a sign saying "be sure to visit Kmart too"?

It's not about choice. It's about killing babies and harming women for money.
Abortionist Grossman Fails His Own Imaginary “8th Grade Health Class”, Claims eggs are human beings

How I became Pro-Life
Complications Of Abortion
New emergency contraception is really an abortion pill

There are millions of women being murdered every year for the sole reason that they are female.

Where? We know for sure of China and India and several other Asian nations, but it is happening here in the US also.

Why are these women being targeted?

Because their parents want  a boy instead.

Yes, abortion murders millions of women every year just because they are women.

How's that for female liberation?

Who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel... All the fashion to murder you post-birth baby.

Most women in America are scared of breast cancer. Here is an important site on the issue. All women Please Read!

Are we really pro-life? or are we hypocrites? Abortion and handicaps.

Abortion, breast cancer linked in UK

Counseling for those who have had an abortion.

When Feminism Kills — Abortion As ‘The Lesser Evil’ Murder is less immoral than a full grown, supposedly mature woman not getting her way? Really?

The journey from pro-choice to pro-life.

Abortion and the 14th amendment. The author is right about the call for 14th amendment rights for the preborn. I have not read her "sample laws," but would like to add to what she does say in this article the phrase "No human being will be forced to undergo surgery for the life of another, thus preventing doctors and courts from forcing women to have c-sections against their will. There is no other area in life where one person is FORCED (whether physically or through coercion) to have surgery for another human being. ("Hey Mrs. Jones, we the police have come to take you to the hospital to give a kidney to your neighbor whether you want to or not." Ridiculous) I would also probably add a clause stating that abortion would be allowed if the continuation of the pregnancy would directly cause the physical death of the mom (as in the case of a tubal pregnancy). This is just self defense and it is allowable in all states and even the Bible to kill in self defense.

Mugged by Ultrasound
Why so many abortion workers have turned pro-life.
Read with caution. It gets a bit graphic.

Remember, Anti-abortionists have a way higher rate of adopting than to Pro-abortionists. Conservatives also give way more money to charities than do Liberals. So any claims you hear of Anti-abortionists only caring about unborn babies and not mommies is blatantly false.

Millennials lukewarm towards abortion advocacy
From a pro-choice view.

From October 14, 2009
I can't find this on his blog but received it as part of a newsletter I receive.

—Albert Mohler
One of the most insidious aspects of the abortion controversy has been the success of the feminist movement in presenting abortion on demand as a matter central to the liberation of women. As far back as the '70s, at least some feminists saw through this logic, but not nearly enough.

Richard Stith now argues that the legalization of abortion "was supposed to grant enormous freedom to women, but it has had the perverse result of freeing men and trapping women."

He continues: "Prior to the legalization of abortion in the United States, it was commonly understood that a man should offer a woman marriage in case of pregnancy, and many did so. Though with the legalization of abortion, men started to feel that they were not responsible for the birth of children and consequently not under any obligation to marry. In gaining the option of abortion, many women have lost the option of marriage."

Why do so many women miss this truth?"

This a very thought provoking article. I knew a woman who had three abortions. The first two were because her boyfriend wasn't ready to be a daddy yet. The third because she wanted to leave her husband and go back to her boyfriend unhendered. Very sad.

The inevitable change of the abortion debate.
The whole debate is between those that think every life is precious and those who think humans are no more than animals and are just as expendable.

One woman’s abortion story

and a video to go with it.

It physically causes a fertilized egg to not implant. A baby dies for lack of nourishment.

Life- a baby’s best start
“… My point exactly. Babies do deserve better. They deserve life.”

Kathy Ireland’s pro-life stance

How Would You Know?

The Story of Faith Hope Talk about inspiring!

A Twelve Year Old Speaks Out Against Abortion
Dead babies who don't count: The Pill's bloody future...

Abortion is such an emotional issue. It is like some believe that if abortion is not legal they are in slavery. The truth is that you don’t need an abortion at all if you obey the biblical commands to chastity outside of marriage. Yes, yes. I know the common question “What about rape, incest, danger to the mother, and deformed fetus?” Here is the answer:

1) Men who rape women should be executed as the Bible says. There would be far fewer rapes if men knew for sure they would die. Pregnancy from rape only happens one time in a thousand. Even then, many women who have had abortions after rapes have declared that the abortion was MORE traumatic than the rape. They were far more damaged by the abortion.

The baby created by a rape did not commit a crime. He is just as innocent as the mother. He does not deserve the death penalty just because of the crime his father committed. There is a couple out there somewhere who desperately want that child, too, if the mother is not in a position to raise him.

2) Incest is the same thing as rape. An under aged child can not give consent. So, whether she is related to the father of the baby or not, it is rape.

3) The chances of true danger to the mother are so rare that when abortion supporters wanted women to testify against the Partial-Birth Abortion ban, they had to find women to lie about the danger they were in. We should not legalize something for the sake of a percentage of a percentage of people. That can be dealt with in exception.

4) Deformed fetus- I dare you to go up to any handicapped person and ask if they wish their mother had aborted them. Humans deserve to live, have the Right to Life, whether they are perfect or not. Even an imperfect human is created in the Image of God.

“Should he have been aborted?” This is a commercial that was designed to air during the Super Bowl. The committee in charge of such things refused it. It shows a sonogram of a baby from a poor family and simply asks the question if this child should be aborted. Please watch this.

Botched Abortions: Why They Matter & What They Tell Us

“Eight Responses to the Pro-Choice Mindset” A series of arguments to use with those who believe it is ok to kill babies.

“Lessons from the past” Pro-lifers in the 19th century overcame staggering abortion rates and saved lives; here’s how they did it. (Yes, abortion existed in the 1800’s. It was not believed a baby was alive until mommy felt movement before x-rays were invented. This article tells of the successful strategies used to rescue women from this horrifying procedure.)

“Abortion and holocaust comparisons”

Pill Inventor Slams Pill” The “Birth Control Pill Culture” has destroyed our culture and is well on the way to destroying our country.

Abortion In the Case of Rape- Not a good idea.

This is a shocking video. Everyone needs to see it to understand how God sees abortion.

As Mr. Spock always said, "There are always options." If you find yourself pregnant and need help, go to the closest church, or even contact me. We will find you the help you need.

Don't kill your baby.

During the election, my yahoo groups discussed this subject. There were two common answers:

“We must elect antiabortion officials.”


“No, No. We must work with those in poverty and give them other options.”

Excuse me? These are not mutually exclusive. Fact is, we need to do BOTH and more.

If we Christians truly want to end the whole-sale slaughter of babies we must:

  • Help the poor.
  • Work in crisis pregnancy clinics.
  • Peacefully protest at abortion clinics.
  • Spread the word about what abortion, partial birth abortion, and “post birth” abortion really are.
  • Campaign for anti-abortion politicians.
  • Vote for anti-abortion politicians.
  • Quit treating children in our own lives as if they are expensive pets instead of human beings.
  • Begin to view ALL children in ALL circumstances as BLESSINGS FROM God!
  • Pray, Pray, Pray;
    • For God’s forgiveness for this atrocity.
    • For His guidance on how to stop it.
We CAN end this horrible procedure. But we must be willing to really fight it with love, our time, our money and a lot of boldness.

“Abortion leaves one wounded and one dead.”

Call yourself pro-life? read this. Watch both videos. Then let’s see if you really are pro-life.

Those with weak stomachs who should use discretion when reading this.

What would you say if I told you three candidates (that is HALF) think it is ok for one segment of society to have the legal right to burn a member of a certain demographic group to death with acid? Or cut that group’s arms and legs off and sell them to research companies? Cut a main artery and watch them bleed to death? Stick sharp objects into the base of their skulls and twist until they die? Lock them in a room without food, water, or even oxygen or heat until they die? It is the truth! How about telling someone who thinks these actions are horrible that they either HELP them or loose their jobs, maybe face prosecution? How about making YOU pay for such atrocities?

Early abortions involve either burning the baby to death with acid in his mother’s womb or cutting off his limbs and head, while he screams and tries to run away (and behaves in everyway like you would if someone was trying to cut YOUR arms off! We have videos.)

A “partial-birth abortion” involves delivering all but the head of a (often viable- able to live without mamma) baby, then either cutting the umbilical cord and allowing him to bleed to death or the above described procedure with the scissors.

The “Born alive act” some states have tried to pass would require doctors to save the lives of children who survive an abortion alive. Without this act, the baby is often tossed in a corner and allowed to die of hunger, thirst, cold or oxygen deprivation. This is baby killing plain and simple!

And if you work in the health care industry, you have NO RIGHT to be anti-abortion. If you dare to refuse to participate in any of these horrid acts, you can loose your job, and in some states, risk prosecution for disobeying the law.

One of these three candidates even opposes women being told the negative side-affects of abortion on her own body and the developmental stage of the baby. Nor does he think parents should have a right to know if their child wants one of these dangerous procedures. And he thinks YOU should pay for them anytime, anywhere, any reason.

NO, this is in NO WAY neutral! Some issues shouldn’t be. Like slavery. Genocide. Rape. Murder. Evil is evil.

Should we be one issue voters? If had told you that the candidate who wanted these awful things legal was a white man and it was black women, not babies, that were the target, wouldn’t this suddenly become a one-issue race? Wouldn’t we all band together to save the lives of our fellow human beings and TAR AND FEATHER this evil person? Why is a baby’s life worth any less?

And lastly, but most importantly, all good things come from God. Will God bless ANY country that thinks it is ok to cut babies heads off? It doesn’t matter how good anyone’s economics are, God WILL NOT BLESS NOR PROTECT a people who sacrifice HIS babies on the alter of SELFISHNESS and convenience.

How Can They Value Puppies Over Unborn Babies?
I have often wondered this.

My Life For Yours: A Mother’s Pondering About Her Body

Sonograms and abortion. How come women are supposed to be strong and capable but when they go to an abortion clinic, they are suddenly too weak to handle the truth of a sonogram?

Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood, In Her Own Words

Does the Bible Condone Abortion? - Answers in Genesis Ooooo, I need this information for an upcoming project!

The Unborn Paradox -

“A ‘thing’ can turn out like that. That’s what I remember ... ‘Nothing but a bunch of cells’ can be her.”

Unborn babies may “be planning their future”What now for the abortion lobby?

Some women are getting abortions after ifp treatments. This means they are going to the trouble to be artificially inseminated and then killing the baby.

“How I became pro-life” Interesting logic