Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What to do about healthcare.

Sadly,I think this author is right on about what will happen. Add health insurance to thelist of industries the Dems have destroyed in their quest for communisim.

Health Care: Arbitrage Obama And The Dems - The Market Ticker

And many more that don't come to my mind at the moment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who Pays?

Doctors, nurses and other medical technicians all have to pay their rent and buy food. Hospitals and doctor’s offices must pay mortgages, electricity, and gas bills. So, someone has to pay for the medical services rendered to patients.

Who ever pays the bill gets to decide who gets what treatments.

Who do you want to make that decision for you and those you love? Some committee appointed by congress or the president? This is what Medicaid is and no one is eager to enroll in that program. (Also, think post office, DMV, and all the other government programs out there in order to get an idea of what medical care would become like under government control. There is no reason to believe health would be any more efficient or cost affective under government control.)

Now, I don’t want some board of some insurance company making those decisions for me either. Our system does need changing, but more government control is not the answer.

Less is.

Our current system is not a system a free-market system; it is simi-socialist. The government mandates certain businesses to provide health insurance (instead of paying their people enough they can pay their own bills), regulates a good deal of the industry, and for those who can’t buy their own (and for the elderly whether they can or not), they have their own programs. The government programs set the base line for cost and services eliminating the free market forces that keep costs under control.

Prices in health care began to rise dramatically about the time Medicaid was invented. The truth is that ANY industry ANY government in history has put its hands into has seen sky-rocketing prices and declining quality. Doesn’t matter if the industry is housing, bread making, or education; happens every time.

That is what has happened to our health care and the government taking it over will only make it worse.

“But what about the poor who can’t afford to pay their doctor’s bill?”

You know, we have allowed those who do not value freedom to brainwash us into thinking that the government is the only answer in many areas, especially where the poor are concerned.

Before the government began to mess around in charity, families, churches, friends and communities got together to help any one in need whether it was paying the doctor’s bill, educating or feeding their children, or raising a barn that had burned down. We weren’t little babies who needed to be “taken care of” by Big Brother. We took care of ourselves and each other. We can’t do this today because we pay so much in taxes (40% or more per family when you figure all the income, sales, property, value added, business, and employee taxes and all the fees for DMV and other things) we don’t have anything left to help ourselves much less each other.

It’s time to quit being babies and grow up. It’s time to take responsibility for ourselves and our neighbors instead of telling the government to rob others to pay the bills.

It’s time for freedom.