Thursday, May 21, 2009

Should we eat meat?

There are three kinds of vegetarians:
§ Those who believe meat is bad for us.
§ Those who believe it is wrong to kill any animal.
§ Those with honest health reasons to abstain.

If meat was bad for us, why didn’t God forbid Israel to eat it? Why, in fact, did He command them to eat red meat a minimum of once per year (on threat of being kicked out of the country if they didn’t)? The truth is that meat is good for us.

Was Jesus a Vegetarian?,

Those who believe it is wrong to kill an animal are equating animals with humans. This lowers humans to the level of animals. This removes human’s rights. 

For example, why doesn’t the government do medical experiments on children instead of bunnies? After all, children would give much more reliable results than bunnies would. The reason is of course that humans are created in the image of God and bunnies aren’t so it is OK to use bunnies but not humans.

Now killing for the enjoyment of watching something die is wrong. The Bible teaches us to treat animals with kindness. But there is nothing wrong with humanely killing an animal for food.

Some do have a legitimate health reason to abstain from meat. If you have had your gallbladder removed, for example, you no longer have the bile juices necessary to digest meat. You may very well feel better without it.

Meat is good for us and enjoyable. God gave us permission and even commanded Israel to eat it.

Now, go eat a steak:-)

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