Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nina Teicholz: The Last Anti-Fat Crusaders - WSJ - WSJ

Nina Teicholz: The Last Anti-Fat Crusaders - WSJ - WSJ: A landmark meta-analysis of all the available evidence, conducted this year by scientists at Cambridge and Harvard, among others, and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, concluded that saturated fats could not, after all, be said to cause heart disease. While saturated fats moderately raise “bad” LDL-cholesterol, this does not apparently lead to adverse health outcomes such as heart attacks and death."

I have advodcated for years to simply return to the diet God created; the one our ancestors ate until the mid 1800's. This means lots of animal fats (that's STEAK, people! plus butter, milk (preferably raw) bacon, etc) and very little processed foods, especially grains.

On a side note, I finally gave in and began soaking our grains/flours before making breads out of them (been reading about it for years, but meh. It's extra work). Articles say all our ancestors soaked their grains and flours in an acid medium before baking. The results?

Our homemade bread products are now fluffier and tastier! (my 19yo informed my 16yo he was not allowed to make pancakes without soaking ever again. Now, the 19yo doesn't have such authority in our house, but I'm afraid we all agreed with him:-D Jon's pancakes were good before. Now they are fantastic!)

And secondly, the acne in the house is disappearing! Oh my goodness! I hadn't even ever read about acne being linked to phyctic acids (what you are neutralizing when you soak your grains in acid), but there is a definite difference! (and with 2 young adults, 3 teenagers, a pre teen and 2 middle-agers who still have to deal with acne (which is just WRONG!), this is a BIG DEAL!)

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