Tuesday, February 24, 2015

7 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins from Your Life - Whole New Mom

7 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins from Your Life - Whole New Mom

On the cookware, my research says cast iron is almost as good as the ceramic. When I first married I had never heard of the ceramic (no web yet:-)) and I gradually switched to all cast iron then. I LOVE it! Hubby and I bought our first skillet together. My mom heard what I was doing and gave me my Grandmother's dutch oven (that I use at least once a week still). I have received many pieces for gifts and "I don't want this and I heard you use cast iron." (including an adorable tea pot!) And the cool thing is...they all match! No matter how old or new they are :-)

Tiny amount of the iron leaches into our food (a good thing for us slightly anemic inclined) and I get my exercise while cooking (yes, they are heavy, but it's the best way to "pump iron" :-D) They aren't really hard to maintain and I look forward to passing them down to my children some day. AND they go camping great, too! Thrive on an annual trip, actually. (and no, I don't get paid by the manufacture, but maybe I should). I would love a couple of ceramic pieces (my mom has one and it's neat), but I am happy with my iron.

I began to make my own laundry soap last year when I realized that our dish soap is what was causing the constant hives in the house. Haven't found a dish-soap recipe I liked yet (will be trying the one here this week), but a lot of the hives have disappeared by using hypoallergenic dish soap and changing the laundry soap. Hubby's mysterious hives have apparently completely stopped. I replaced fabric softener with vinegar when we first married because of his allergies, so I don't know why it took so long to figure the soap part out :-P

I have also been gradually replacing as much plastic with glass as I can. I have switched to pint canning jars for glasses, for one thing. Both plastic and glass glasses break way too easy, but these jars really hold up to abuse. And when they do break they are incredibly cheap to replace:-)

There are other ways I am trying to reduce our toxins too. Sadly, there is nothing I can do about the mold and we can't afford to move, so I am trying to figure out how to live with it. Not easy and I suspect it may be the cause of many of our illnesses the last few years. But I simply don't know what else to do:-(

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