Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Word About Pre-natal Testing

When you are pregnant, your doctor will tell you you need certain tests. I advise you to either research those tests and make up your mind ahead of time, or ask him this question:


His answer will be:

"Too make sure your baby is healthy."

To which you reply:

"How does taking this test make my baby healthy?"

You see, all those tests tell you IF your baby is healthy. They don't MAKE him healthy. The truth is that there is very little that can be done if your baby is ill so the tests are really for the purpose of giving you the information you need to decide if you will "continue the pregnancy."

You see, you get to decide if Baby stays a baby or if he magically becomes a ball of cells.

If you are pro-life, very little or nothing can be gained by most pre-natal tests.

I had all the tests but amnio during my first pregnancy. I had fewer for each successive one. I mean, even the blood tests for mamma seemed a waste of time and money when I have only ever had relations with one man in my life and he only with me, I don't use drugs, and generally live a very boring life medically speaking. What was to be gained? Now, when I showed signs of diabetes with my last one, I went ahead and was tested for that because the information helped me adjust my diet to keep Baby healthier (she was showing signs of distress which disappeared when I removed sugar from my diet). For her older sisters, I wasn't showing any signs of the disease, so we didn't bother. I also had the anemia test in each pregnancy to make sure I was on track with that (I look very anemic because I am very white, but actually usually score high on the iron tests). It is dangerous to baby for mommy to be too low and it is one thing that can be fixed during pregnancy. I have had far less fear and worry since I quit doing the tests even though I determined long before my first was conceived that nothing would make me abort.

In short, if you are pregnant, Google all the common pre-natal tests and see what they are for, what can be done to correct any problems that show up, and the reasons for doing them. When it comes right down to it, you are the one responsible for you and your baby's health.

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