Tuesday, January 18, 2011

California county allows marijuana, but not raw milk

Let me get this straight, If I lived in Humboldt County, CA, I could grow MJ in my bathroom but would go to jail for selling the extra milk my cow produces?

This is actually a sore spot with me anyway. I have a big family, we drink a massive amount of milk, use lots of other dairy products, have chickens and a dog who love milk, have a calf who needs more than a gallon a day and our cow is a dairy cull (she wasn't producing enough to earn her keep). We STILL have several gallons more than we can use per week!

But here in NV it is illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption. So I can't earn money to buy hay by selling off my surplus...

unless I clearly lable it as dog food!

My neighbor's mutts can have all benifits of the raw milk but my neighbor can't.

Shouldnt we be allowed to do the research and make the decision for ourselves whether we want to take the chance (VERY LOW) with raw milk or drink the de-natured store bought stuff? What happend to our freedom? If we can't make this basic decesion for ourselves, we really don't have any freedom at all.

California county allows marijuana, but not raw milk

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