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3. More Trying to Improve God's Work

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Then there are anti-bacterial soaps and wipes. These sound wonderfully useful. They kill bacteria and viruses on contact.

Great, right?

Not so fast.

They don’t kill all microbes. They leave the strongest bad guys, killing all good microbes and the weaker bad ones leaving no competition for the really bad ones.

We may actually be causing worse illnesses by removing God’s competition for food among these organisms. We are also denying ourselves the good guys that aid digestion. And it is possible our immune systems are weaker because of the lack of exercise from not dealing with minor organisms, leaving us even more vulnerable to the biggest baddies.

The best prevention of disease is simply frequent washing with plain ‘ole soap and water; something God commanded Israel to do in the books of the Law.

Man has put together large institutions for the efficient care and upbringing of children (daycare and government schools). Frees mom from child raising and allows her to pursue her own interests, right?

No. We now know that children are best educated at home from birth, as God designed. He made breastfeeding so the young‘uns must stay close to mom and commanded Israel to homeschool.

“And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.” Deuteronomy 6:6-7

This slows down the spread of disease, provides the children with individual tutors who actually care about them, trains them in godly behavior, and forces the parents to live up to what they are teaching since the children are watching them every moment.

Many studies today show that daycare children have far more mental, physical, and intellectual problems, and homeschooling is superior to any other method of education in every measure (except for running speed. Seems government school children can run faster. More practice running from bullies, maybe?). Man’s idea of the factory school/childcare just doesn’t work well.

Humans think it doesn’t matter what “lifestyle” you live as long as you are happy. But come to find out, those in all types of “alternative lifestyles (homosexual, co-habitating, divorce, polygamy, “swinging”) have shorter life spans and way more health problems. They suffer from depression far more often than those in traditional, healthy relationships.

What makes sense to humanity (that a relationship is about love and entertainment) is not what God says makes sense (a relationship is about obeying God, mirroring His relationship with the church, and producing godly offspring). Those who choose God’s way of doing things are happier, healthier and have a longer life span on average.

(There is no scientific proof for the theory of homosexuality being caused by genetics. The few studies that have been done were incredibly poor science. 

For example, you need 1500 people to have a statistically reliable number for any study. The closer you have to 1500, the more likely you have the correct answer. The most reliable of all the studies that supposedly proved a “gay gene” had a whole sixteen participants. Autopsies were done on the brains of these men, some of whom claimed to be gay and some straight. The gay men had differences in their brains. 

Seems to prove the point doesn’t it? But wait a minute, a few of the men who claimed to be straight [and did not have the different brain structure] died of AIDS. It is so close to impossible for a man to contract this disease from a woman, and since none of the participants were drug users, these men had to be closet gays- with the same type of brain as the straights. 

Also, it has been shown that psychoanalysis alone can change the composition of the brain. This means that what a person chooses to think changes the composition of their brain, not the other way around. The brain difference in the gays is the RESULT of their lifestyle choice, not the cause. Homosexuality is a choice, or more accurately, a series of choices.)

Mankind thought it great to x-ray unborn babies after the x-ray machine was invented to check their size and position. These children came down with Leukemia at much higher rates. (This makes some a little scared of Ultra-sounds. That technology has not really been around very long. We don’t really know what long term affects it will have. Some evidence is beginning to look like frequent sonograms for no apparent reason might not be a good idea).

Mankind thought it wise to give women DES to prevent miscarriage. This caused baby girls to be born with messed up, duplicated, or no reproductive organs.

Man thought it best to give mommies with morning sickness Thalidomide to stop nausea. Their babies were born without arms and legs.

Man thinks it great to use Cytotec to induce labor. These births have a much higher rate of uterine rupture (potentially fatal to both mom and baby) and the contractions hurt a lot more putting baby at greater risk from pain killers.

I can go on and on with examples of how mankind has thought he has improved pregnancy and childbirth and child raising only to discover he has destroyed lives.

Can I give one more example? Mankind says to have your babies in hospitals. It is “more sanitary” and you have all those neat gadgets available in case of problems. Mankind has come to think of birth as an emergency medical procedure.

(The US C-section rate is now 32%. The World Health Organization says no country should have a rate higher than 10% and 5% is better. More than that is unnecessarily putting women at risk form this major abdominal surgery. See

Turns out though, hospitals aren’t more sanitary. They are where sick people go. In fact, there are diseases that don’t exist anywhere else on earth but in hospitals.

Infection rates are much lower in homebirths.

And all those gadgets being so handy make it way too easy to use them and mess up a perfectly natural process that God designed. Sometimes interventions are necessary (due to the Fall), but most of the time (90+%) they are not. God really did remember to tell a woman’s body how to know when to start labor, to make her body big enough to birth a baby, and to give her the strength and fortitude to handle the pain (which Americans rate higher than anyone who doesn’t have TV rates it).

Many studies have shown that the place a woman’s God-given instinct tells her is safest- her home- really is the safest place to have her baby. Mommy is already immune to the germs there and mommy’s body functions best away from the fear and stress of the hospital, in the place she feels most comfortable and most in control.

Now, though I do believe we should live as close to the original Creation plan as possible, there are very few, if any of us who actually can. I certainly don’t measure up. The standards I set forth here are goals to reach for. I have not hit these yet myself. I am not even close in some areas. I am sharing what my research has me aiming for, not what I have accomplished.

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