Tuesday, December 25, 2012

6. Life on the Farm

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I have always wanted to be a farmer and find it natural to refer to things in a “farm” setting.

Since most humans were farmers throughout history, (until the 20th century), this is the way the vast majority of humans have lived.

I think we will build us an e-farm to aid the discussion of nutrition. After all, all of our food still comes from a farm of some sort to begin with.

I picture a piece of property with a big white farm house in the middle of it. In the back to the left is a big red barn. Behind that are pastures and fields of grain. To the left of the house is a vegetable garden and in front of that an orchard. To the right and in front of the house is a small pond surrounded by nut trees with ducks and geese swimming in it. Directly in front of the house are a small herb garden and a big lawn filled with Dandelions and Plantain plants. Our farm has a small stream running through the pasture into the pond. Very picturesque and a refreshing place to swim in the summer.

Hmm. I think it will snow here sometimes. Maybe we could learn to ice skate on our pond.

A food is “natural” if it could be grown on this ideal farm. It is unnatural if you need a factory and a bunch of petroleum to make it, and you could not possibly grow it yourself.

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