Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Low-risk pregnant women urged to avoid hospital births | Life and style | The Guardian

Low-risk pregnant women urged to avoid hospital births | Life and style | The Guardian

are not safer than out of hospital births and never have been. The
first and simplest reason is that there are germs in hospitals that
don't exist anywhere else on the planet. Infections are much higher in
hospitals and, by the way, are the leading cause of death among new moms
in the US.

But besides infection, hospitals are run
by men or women trying to prove themselves to men. They are run by
doctors who have been trained to push pills and do surgeries; to view
every patient as an illness, an emergency waiting to happen if it isn't

Midwives are generally women, trained by women
not usually in competion with each other, but cooperation. They are
trained to view birth as a natural bodily function that seldom needs
help. A birth is not an emergency until it proves to be.

created our bodies to give birth and women have been doing it for 6000
years without the help of men and their tools and pills. Because of the
Fall , there is occasionally the need for help (and thank the Lord we
live in a time when that help is available!), but it is uncommon. Most
of the time, time is all that's needed to get a healthy baby and mommy.

our country moves to socialized medicine (and that is what BO care is
all about) the costs will be examined and out of hospital birth will
begin to be encouraged. Right now, the Dr union keeps the competition
down, but eventually the money involved in hospital births will make the
alternatives more attractive to the politicians and bureaucrats in
charge of such decisions.

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